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Publishing date – Dec 18, 2019

Top 5 healthy hotels

As a health-conscious person, you want to maintain a balanced and healthy lifestyle even when you travel so that your go back home recharged with improved overall wellbeing. Fortunately, there are many health and wellness holiday options available which include good nutrition, fitness, detox, meditation, stress relief, weight loss, relaxation, and holistic health retreats.

The following health and wellness hotels are the best for providing you with a vacation for mind, body and soul and deliver the ultimate body-replenishing experience. They are all set in the most extraordinary and tranquil environments that are sure to mesmerize you.

1. OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa

OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa is located in Punta del Hidalgo, a peaceful fishing village in the northern tip of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. It is surrounded by the Anaga Mountains and a garden full of palm trees. Enjoy stunning views of Mount Teide and the ocean from your balcony and visit the Esperanza forest and Teide National Park for enjoyment.

Healing Focus

The OCÉANO Hotel Health Spa’s approach to wellbeing takes advantage of the healing powers of the sea through its Thalasso Therapy which they combine with detoxification.

The spa developed a unique body-mind concept which includes programs for weight loss, detoxification, stress, metabolic problems, depression, insomnia, etc. The programs are supported by an experienced team of therapists and doctors who deliver Ayurvedic, medical and traditional healing therapies to help you to relax and rejuvenate.

Spa facilities include the hotel spa, the Thalasso Center with a seawater therapy pool heated to 36°C, the modern F.X. Mayr Medicine Center, and a sauna area with bio-sauna, Finnish sauna, infrared cabin, steam bath and heated swimming pool.

Healing Therapies & Treatments include medical diagnosis and consultation, Thalasso therapy (swimming in heated saltwater pools), F.X. Medicine, various Ayurveda therapies, acupuncture, detoxification therapies (such as cupping, colonic irrigation, circulatory training and Hidro Linfa), massage therapy (e.g. full body, Shiatsu, lymphatic drainage, and reflexology), musculoskeletal therapy (e.g. physiotherapy, osteopathy, yoga and personal training), natural cosmetics and beauty treatments.


At any time of the year, you can enjoy tennis, mountain biking, horse riding, water sports (such as bodyboard, surfing and standup paddleboarding), guided hiking tours of the Anaga Mountains, cultural city tours of Santa Cruz and La Laguna and Spanish lessons. By the end of your visit, you will feel better inside and outside.

2. Como Shamballa Estate, Bali

Como Shamballa Estate, close to Ubud city center in Bali, offers free-standing residences, a spa, a semi-outdoor bathroom, a large outdoor pool, free wi-fi, European and Asian food, etc. You can relax to the sounds of the swooshing jungle and echoing Ayung River in this home away from home.

Wellness by Como Shamballa

If you want to make a lasting commitment to change, Como Shamballa, a true “retreat for change,” offers individually designed programs that benefit body, mind and spirit. The programs are prescribed by the inhouse Ayurvedic doctor, a dietician, and yoga and Pilates instructors.

Nutritional wellness: After a one-to-one consultation, the nutritionist prescribes a customized Nutritional Wellbeing Program and a schedule of activities and therapies. Her extensive knowledge and experience enable her to work on your specific challenges e.g. hormonal imbalance, food allergies, weight loss, chronic diseases, digestive system problems, sleep disturbances, autoimmunity, low immunity, stress and sports performance. Her menu consists of perfectly weighed raw and cooked, fresh, organic vegetables.

Be Active: This program is perfect if you want to begin, maintain or challenge your established fitness routine (or lack thereof), rehabilitate an injury or lose weight. The prescribed, customized activity schedule includes a number of fitness sessions, daily massage and active challenges to assist you towards your wellness goals.

You can attend extra group exercise classes and additional private classes in Pilates, yoga or personal training. If you prefer the outdoors, you can go for volcano hikes or bike rides in the hills or rice field treks.

Your daily three meals will be prescribed by the nutritionist to ensure optimum energy and nutrition. You will leave Como Estate feeling stronger, fitter and more energized and inspired to stay active.

Ayurveda therapy: You can choose Ayurveda therapy to rectify imbalances in the body, relieve stress, detoxify and lose weight. The inhouse Ayurvedic doctor will prescribe customized treatments combined with a personalized eating plan from the nutritionist.

Bespoke: Choose the Bespoke program to help you meet your individual needs if you have specific goals such as stress management or rejuvenation. The wellness experts will create a schedule of personalized daily therapy, diet, daily activities, informative expert-led lectures, meditation classes, daily massage, rice-field walks, and body-care treatments. You will leave Como Estate relaxed, inspired and armed with tools and actionable advice to continue your wellness journey.


Within your program you will find time for outdoor activities such as cycling, rafting, trekking, canyoning and cultural tours that can be arranged from the resort.

3. Sparkling Hill Resort – Vernon, Canada

Sparkling Hill Resort is a health and wellness resort overlooking the beautiful Okanagan Lake in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.

Health and wellness

Sparkling Hill Resort, with its 40,000 ft2 adult-only KurSpa, brings the European concept of holistic health to Canada. The healing and holistic rejuvenation cycle consists of heat, cold, rest and stimulating repetition that provide optimum benefits.

Aqua Meditation (Steam) 30°C: Step into aqua meditation before or after steam/sauna with subdued lighting, calming music, orange essence and sounds of dripping water.

Rose (Steam) 38°C: Step into this romantic ambiance accompanied by the aroma of rose petals.

Salt (Steam) 40°C: Slow down aging, smooth wrinkles, improve concentration, reduce stress and clear cold symptoms in this serene salt cavern.

Crystal (Steam) 42°C: Enter this inviting mystical environment in this softly-lit crystal steam room with eucalyptus aromatics.

Herbal (Sauna) 60°C. Cleanse the lungs and moisturize the skin in this steam room with European wood and pine aromatics.

Panorama (Sauna) 80°C: Enjoy the panoramic views of green-forested hills, release tension, stimulate the circulation and glandular systems, and promote harmony and balance of mind and spirit in dry heat.

Finnish Classic (Sauna) 90°C: Enjoy ceiling painted art while you allow dry heat and 10% humidity to cleanse your lungs and skin.

Igloo 10°C: After sauna/steam, reduce body temperature to stimulate circulation, enjoy ice sounds, invigorate the senses with eucalyptus and peppermint scents and revitalize your spirit.

Enjoy showers: Try some of the shower options available and stimulate your skin from all angles in color-exchange lighting and orange, mandarin and eucalyptus scents.

Outdoor Infinity Pool: Enjoy spectacular views of Lake Okanagan and surrounding vistas while swimming.

Indoor Serenity Pool: Be enchanted by Swarovski crystals and soft underwater music as you swim through the salt water.

Indoor Hot Pool: Rest and relax in the elegant and spacious hot pool as you follow the jets clockwise for optimum benefits.

Kneipp Hydrotherapy: Reduces swelling, stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems, and relax muscles and the nervous system with hydro-therapy.

Serenity Relaxation Room: Step into the silent ambiance after or between treatments while enjoying an awe-inspiring view of Lake Okanagan and the Monashee Mountains.

Tea Room: After a relaxing treatment, enjoy the health benefits of herbal tea while you socialize.

Fitness studio: Follow your personalized fitness program using advanced Keiser fitness equipment.

Diet: Enjoy a hot buffet breakfast inspired by Europe with tea and coffee. Lunch and dinner are also available.

4. Carillon Miami Wellness Resort

Carillon Miami Wellness Resort is located on the north of Miami beach in Florida, USA. It provides many luxurious amenities and accommodation. Guests enjoy matchless ocean views.

Health and wellness

This resort’s main goal is wellness through its new generation of health and wellness programs. Treatment is provided by leading health and medical professionals, healers and exercise physiologists whose innovative treatments and healing therapies, combined with nutrition, lead to healthy aging.

The Spa at Carillon. Set in a luxurious 70,000-square-foot wellness space, The Spa at Carillon offers the most empowering approach to treating the mind, body, and soul through innovative and luxurious treatments, immersive experiences, medically focused therapies, a full-service beauty salon and personalized attention, all of which work synergistically for optimum rejuvenation. Spa services include neuromuscular therapy, body rituals, skin care treatments, among others.

With a top-notch thermal circuit in 4 hot tubs, 4 pools, experiential showers with different scents and temperatures, a hammam with chromotherapy, more than 40 fitness classes per day with ocean views, and many other facilities, the resort has a lot to offer.

Wellness education. You can participate in educational wellness workshops given by certified practitioners and seasonal cooking demonstrations and classes offered by the inhouse chefs.

Fitness: The resort has exercise programs for all ages, a rock-climbing wall and a cycling and walking trail around it for guests to enjoy and stay fit.

5. Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda

Lefay Resort & SPA Lago di Garda, a five-star healthy holiday destination, is located on the magical Lake Garda in the picturesque village of Gargnano in Italy. It boasts eleven acres of natural parkland and beautiful views of olive trees and woods. It combines luxury with eco-friendliness and the concept of wellness.

Health and Wellness Program

It offers wellness programs and boasts a spacious fitness centre, a lavish spa full of tempting saunas and swimming pools, and genuine Mediterranean cuisine. Here are the programs.

Detox: Detoxifying spa treatments, that include body scrubs and aromatic mud packs and more, will lay a firm foundation for you to lead a healthy lifestyle. Personalized nutrition consultants will show how you to continue cleansing your body at home to maintain good health. You will return home renewed.

Fitness: Work to tone your body, boost your fitness and improve your posture to improve your sporting physique through Lefay’s specialized sports therapy. A personal trainer will provide personalized guidance, clinical analysis of your posture and physiotherapy. Enjoy various complimentary wellness activities such as Tai Chi and Qi Gong (subject to availability of space) while following a diet prescribed by a nutritionist.

Weight management: Lefay’s Weight Management Program, guided by Chinese Medicine, helps prepare your body and mind to achieve and maintain your ideal weight in the long term. An initial examination will determine your personal weight management needs. The experts then design a personalized program with a range of holistic spa treatments, energy-aligning activities, a personalized diet and some complementary activities if they are available. A final consultation will teach you how to maintain your ideal weight in the future.

Fusion Fitness: The Fusion Fitness program consists of seven one-on-one fitness activities to choose from. From that the experts will create a perfectly customized program to suit your specific needs and help you to improve your wellbeing and boost your fitness levels. Try one of the complimentary group classes or unwind with relaxing treatment in the spa. You will go back home feeling renewed.

Sleep Well: The Sleep Well program, guided by the energy flow ideas of Chinese Medicine, will help to improve your sleeping patterns. An initial consultation will lead to a personalized program of revitalizing treatments such as acupuncture to stimulate energy pathways, refreshing salt water lake treatments and energizing heat therapies. You will also enjoy complementary use of all spa and fitness facilities while following a personalized diet. You will return home to many nights of good sleep.

Spa: Lefay’s luxury spa treatments are designed to soothe your senses in order to bring calmness and improve your total well-being. Initial consultation will help the experts to design a program of beneficial treatments such as hydro-therapy and body massages. Attend complementary group classes as well whenever they are available. You will return home de-stressed, rejuvenated, stimulated and energized.

BodyBreak™: The BodyBreak™ program at Lefay provides you with an opportunity to get active and fit through customized activities such as Pilates, yoga, fitness circuits and more. It also includes spa treatments. Complementary activities include Lefay Spa World and group classes such as Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc. subject to availability. You will return home feeling renewed, rejuvenated and definitely fit.

Benefits of health hotels

Many people do not just go on holiday anymore; they are choosing to enjoy their holidays while improving or maintaining their health and wellness. The tourism industry has responded by creating health programs within hotels so that guests can use their holiday time to improve health and still go out and have fun. This is great if you are already health-conscious because you will maintain your health-promoting habits wherever you choose to go. It is also great if you want to start a journey towards health and wellness.

Health hotels definitely offer many benefits, which is why health tourism is on the rise. You can benefit from spa treatments, beauty treatments, and fitness, nutrition, sleep, and emotional/mental health programs. Depending on your needs, the health and wellness experts can customize your program so that you get optimum benefits under the guidance of experts. Here are some of the benefits.

1. Weight loss

If you are planning to lose weight and you don’t know how to begin, or you are too busy to make a plan, use your next holiday to kick-start your weight loss program. The health experts at the health hotel will consult with you and come up with a program that includes a nutritious weight-loss diet and fitness activities. Everything that you do is done under expert guidance. You will have a program of activities every day and you will eat the right foods three times per day for energy and nutrition.

At the end of your holiday you will have experienced some weight loss and feel fit. The final consultation will arm you with tips and tools to continue using at home for continued and sustained weight loss till you reach your ideal weight.

2. Detoxification

If you choose detoxification program or if your program includes detoxification, you will go home will less toxins in your body. Saunas, lymphatic drainage and other techniques are used to remove toxins from your body. The benefit is less risk of diseases such as cancer, more energy and improved brain function.

You may not be aware of it, but you carry a lot of toxins in your body if you have not been deliberately detoxifying. The food that you eat is full of farm chemicals, processed food is full of farm chemicals and additives that preserve and improve the taste of texture of the food. The air that you breathe in is full of fuel fumes and industrial fumes due to the urban environment that you live in, unless you live on a farm. Each personal care product adds to your body harmful chemicals unless you are conscious enough to have changed to more natural products. Even cleaning and laundry products add to the toxic load in your body. All these toxins lead to diseases, chronic fatigue and brain fog.

That is why detoxification during your health holiday is a perfect idea because you have time to do it while still having time for fun.

3. Improved fitness

If fitness is your goal, a health hotel will create a personalized fitness program that will kickstart your journey towards fitness. You will do everything under the guidance of a fitness expert who will most likely work together with a nutritionist and a medical doctor for optimum results. By the time you leave you will feel fitter and healthier and be motivated to maintain the fitness program when you go home.

4. Relaxation of body and mind

If you have been struggling with stress and anxiety because of work and business, look for a health hotel that offers relaxation programs. You can have massages to relax your body and join one of the group training programs for meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, etc. These can be combined with the right nutrition for optimal results. You will go back home with a clear relaxed mind and relaxed body.

5. Sleep improvement

Some health hotels offer a sleep program that will help you to learn how to relax body and mind and eat the right foods so that you sleep well. The program may also include learning how to sleep and waking up at the same time to set a habitual sleep routine. You may also learn how to change your sleeping environment so that there is no disturbance when you go to bed. By the time you go back home you will be sleeping better and, if you continue what you have learned, you can continue having a good night’s sleep at home.

6. Nutrition

Are you facing health problems such as food allergies, digestive system problems, hormonal imbalance, weight loss, chronic diseases, sleep disturbances, autoimmunity, low immunity, or stress? Your answer may lie in nutrition. The nutritionist at the health hotel will have a one-on-one consultation with you and prescribe a nutritional wellbeing program that will help you with your specific health challenge. She may combine it with a schedule of activities and other therapies. By the end of your stay, you will be feeling much better and you can continue what you have learned when you go home.

7. Health education

At a health hotel, you do not just relax and reduce stress, you also learn meaningful information about your body and mind that you can use when you go home.

On any day the spa experience provides relaxation but the lasting benefits are short-lived. However, you are educated during your spa sessions and you can apply your new-found knowledge to stay relaxed in the future.

Through your health and fitness program, you learn new methods of fitness training and you can try new classes in the stress-free hotel environment. You can continue to use the knowledge back home.

In terms of nutrition, you may be lucky enough to attend classes on improving nutrition. Alternatively, your personalized nutrition program and tips will provide new knowledge that you can use all year-round.

Health hotels definitely offer many benefits

As you can tell from the above, there are many benefits that you can gain by spending your next holiday at a health hotel. Depending on your current needs and challenges, choose the hotel carefully because each health hotel is unique.

Top 5 Healthy Cities in the Middle East

I have a particular liking for tourist attractions in the Middle East and would like to advise you what they can offer health-wise.The Middle East has a number of great cities to live and work or to visit as a tourist. This list of top 5 cities is based on a survey conducted by research organisation YouGov and job site Bayt.com. The survey measured labour rights, economic factors, everyday life, environmental issues, quality of life and socio-cultural factors.

1. Dubai, UAE

According to the survey Dubai is an ideal place to live in the Middle East. It boasts everything from hotels, great infrastructure and everything to offer foreign tourists. It ranks highest in terms of lack of bureaucracy in paperwork and procedures. There are plenty of entertainment venues for tourists.


Downtown Dubai

Health and wellness

Dubai offers a number of health and wellness centers for tourists. Here are three of them.

Anantara combines Eastern wisdom, Western wisdom and the latest technology and treatments to restore health. You can participate in spa, fitness and wellness programs, get lifestyle and nutrition advice and coaching.

The Retreat Palm Dubai, an alcohol and smoke-free zone, is dedicated to holistic wellness. If offers detox, yoga, fitness, and weight-loss programs. You can choose personalized classes, one-on-one sessions, and consultation services to achieve your wellness goals.

Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, a seven-star hotel, offers sheer luxury and wellness. Its Talise Spa offers many treatments including reflexology and hot stone massage using luxury products. Facilities include a fitness center, indoor infinity pools, squash courts, saunas, plunge pools, steam rooms and many others.

2. Abu Dhabi, UAE

The survey ranks Abu Dhabi as one of the top 3 cities in the Middle East. The city came second in terms of competitive salaries and highest in terms of access to financing. For safety, the city has the lowest crime rate. For medical care the city has good to excellent facilities. For entertainment and the quality of life, the city is second to Dubai.

Abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi from above

Health and wellness in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi offers a perfect chance to de-stress in their wellness hotels. Here are some of them.

Iridium Spa on Saadiyat Island Resort offers the Precious Massage using the most luxurious ingredients including massage oils infused with diamond and platinum. It works with energy chakras to restore body and mind.

CHI the Spa at Shangri-La Qaryat al Beri Hotel offers a rooftop pool under the blue sky, rose-petal-infused baths, and a luxurious Arabic coffee and sumac body scrub that is claimed to improve circulation. The latter leaves jet-lagged guests relaxed.

There are many other places such as the Pearl Rotana Capital Centre, Anantara Spa, Remede Spa the St. Regis, and Heavenly Spa at the Westin.

3. Sharjah, UAE

Sharjah was ranked as the third top city in the Middle East and highest for affordable housing. It boasts low cost of living, low bureaucracy and low crime rate. The city is more culturally-diverse (with 80% of its residents being expatriates) than other emirate cities though it is more conservative. A survey by Gulf News found that people love the easy access to everything.


Health and wellness

If your aim is health and wellness, choose a hotel that offers spa services and enjoy a variety of treatments. Here are some of them.

Alma Retreat in the desert is the perfect get away destination, offering simplistic luxury in small but comfortable cabins within the sand dunes. It offers balance in physical, emotional and psychological health. Choose from yoga, fitness, meditation, desert walks and art/music programs and spend time in ice the bath and sweat lodge. The diet is mainly vegetarian.

Sharjah Palace Hotel offers a fully equipped gym, a rooftop swimming pool and a sauna.

Sheraton Sharjah Beach Resort and Spa offers an outdoor swimming pool, table tennis, a gym, and its Shine Spa offers a steam room or sauna, a Jacuzzi, and treatments in the spa rooms.

4. Manama, Bahrain

Manama in Bahrain is one of the top 5 cities in the Middle East, ranking fourth top city and second in healthcare facilities in the survey by Bayt.com and YouGov.

A survey by the Irish Times found that it is ranked highest for emigrating to and expats there earn very high salaries. Many expats live and work in Manama and most of them are friendly and keen to connect to new people. Due to the city’s small size, everything is easily accessible by car (you need a car because public transport is not developed).

Health and wellness

For travellers seeking relaxation and restoration in Manama, there are many places to book. Here are some of them.

The Diplomat Radisson Blu Hotel Residence & Spa offers a luxurious Zen-inspired spa and wellness centre for massages, facials and body treatments. It also offers a well-equipped fitness centre and 4 elegant swimming pools.

The Westin City Centre Bahrain offers complimentary facilities such as infinity pool, swimming pool, and fitness centre. Spa treatments are available at a price.

Ritz-Carlton Bahrain offers a variety of beauty treatments, including its signature massages, in its spa. Fitness enthusiasts can work out on the gym’s resistance machines and cardio-vascular stations.

5. Muscat, Oman

Muscat, a very beautiful city, has been ranked fifth top city in the Middle East by the Bayt.com/YouGov survey. You can test your bartering skills at the market, visit the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (one of the most remarkable buildings), visit the Bait Al Zubair Museum to see an array of historic weaponry, enjoy great seafood and sticky dates, watch dolphins, hike in the Hajah Mountains, and experience endless desert. In January and February, you can enjoy the Muscat Festival.



Health and wellness

For those people seeking relaxation and to restore balance in physical, mental and emotional health, a number of hotels and spas are available. For example, Six Senses Zighy Bay is an excellent place to visit. It boasts an inhouse Ayurvedic doctor, a resident fitness and wellness expert and another resident fitness expert. They will create a personalized program for you. Services include two Arabic-style hammams (baths), outdoor yoga with great sunrise views, steam room, sauna, an ice cave, a choice of skin-purifying and soul soothing treatments, indoor gym and outdoor workouts.

Other locations

Blackadore Caye
Ichetucknee Springs State Park
Mount Greylock State Reservation
Wekiwa Springs State Park

Turbulence in air planes

If you are scared of flying because of turbulence, there are ways to cope during flight. Turbulence is the scary rocking and/or rolling of an airplane in the air. It can be light, momentarily causing slight changes in altitude or attitude or slight bumps. Passengers feel a slight strain against their seat belts. Moderate turbulence is a bit more intense and unsecured objects may be dislodged but there is no loss of control of the air plane. Severe turbulence causes sudden large changes in altitude and/or attitude and the plane may be out of control for a moment or may be damaged. Passengers are forced violently against their seat belts. Extreme turbulence violently tosses the plane, making it difficult to control and possibly causing structural damage.

Causes of turbulence

Turbulence is normal because it is due to changes in atmospheric conditions. It may occur when a plane flies low over mountains and very tall buildings that force eddies in the air. If there is strong wind, the turbulence is more intense. Turbulence can also be caused by strong convection currents due to summer heat or by air pressure changes. The most extreme turbulence is felt within a thunderstorm cloud, up to 20 miles from a severe thunderstorm and beneath a thunderstorm.

8 tips to cope with turbulence

Pilots can detect some types of turbulence and, depending on the intensity, can decide whether to pass through a particular cloud or go around it. However, there are certain types that they cannot detect in advance which you will experience. Here are tips to cope with turbulence.

Choose a front seat where turbulence is felt less. When you feel those bumps, do not resist them but sway with them.

If you are nervous about flying, get peace of mind by keeping your seat belt fastened at all times. In case of sudden turbulence, you will not be thrown around.

Secure all hand luggage in the overhead luggage compartment to prevent injury to self or others in case of moderate to severe turbulence.

Make sure you fasten your seat belt when you are told to by the pilot.

Focus on something other than the turbulence, e.g. take a pen on your non-dominant hand and write your name in your paper notebook repeatedly. Because you don’t normally use that hand, you are forced to focus.

Massage the pressure points in your hand to relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. Use the thumb and apply pressure in sweeping motions towards the fingers or create circular motions in the palm.

If you tend to hyperventilate, keep a drinking straw with you and breathe through it when you feel the bumps.

Know the facts. Turbulence hardly ever causes the plane to crush. Wings do not easily snap off. Should one engine fail, a plane can safely fly with the other. Should both engine fail, a cruising airplane can continue for 70 miles before it needs to land so it will not just crush.
PS This website also has a Lithuanian version.

Enjoy a healthy holiday !

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