Blackadore Caye, a Restorative Island

Blackadore Caye

Blackadore Caye is a small Belizean island in the Caribbean Sea, quite close to the Belize Barrier Reef. Blackadore Caye a Restorative Island is a resort being built there by Leonardo DiCaprio and Jeff Gram, the owner of Cayo Espanto Island Resort, a luxury holiday resort on another Belizean private island. The aim is to restore the ecosystem of the island and to provide holiday-makers with a health and eco-resort holiday starting in 2020.

Ecosystem restoration

Blackadore Caye, whose coastline has been badly eroded, suffered from overfishing in the past few decades. The mangrove trees have been depleted as fishermen continuously cut them for wood to smoke the fish and conch. The fishermen also littered the island with thousands of empty seashells. The work on the island involves restoring the coastline, planting mangrove trees and grasses and cleaning up the litter.

During an interview with the New York Times, DiCaprio said that the aim to the do something that makes a difference in the world and that he embarked on this project simply because it is innovative in the environmental movement.

Building work

The developers are building a hotel, off-the-grid living homes for sale, 36 estate villas, 36 resort bungalows, and a research station that will study climate change. The villas will have access to almost a mile of private beach, grassland and jungle. Some of the houses will enjoy both sunrise and sunset.

Facilities for visitors

Details include solar panels for energy efficiency, circadian lighting, and water and air purification systems. Indoor and outdoor living will be merged with open-air buildings that are surrounded by lush green landscapes, palm trees and infinity pools. There will be an arrival jetty equipped with a main lodge, an education center, a beach club and a racquet club.

Word going around says that Belizeans will be welcome to all the public areas of the island.

Health and wellness on Blackadore Caye

The developers have included in the design, scientifically-proven health and wellness amenities and technology.

Circadian lighting. High-quality LED circadian lighting has been included with controls that will enhance maximum sleep at night and improve alertness during daytime.

Purified water. A water purification system will guarantee water self-sufficiency for the island and access to high-quality water for visitors.

Purified air. The air purification system will ensure high-quality air in the residencies.

No toxins. For finishing, the builders will use healthy non-toxic materials only for the whole resort.

No plastic. The resort will be strict, e.g. visitors will not be allowed to bring plastic water bottles that may end up littering the island and its waters.

Ecology training. Once visitors arrive at the island, they will participate in an ecology orientation program.

Wellness program. Deepak Chopra, founder of Chopra Foundation, is designing a wellness program for health and anti-aging.

One of the best in the world

With its focus on the restoration of the ecosystem and the health of the people staying at the resort, Blackadore Caye is going to be one of the best resorts for health and wellness.