Ichetucknee Springs State Park


If ever you decide to visit Florida, Ichetucknee Springs State Park in Fort White, Florida, is a place to consider visiting for relaxation and destressing. The river’s average temperature throughout the year is about 22 degrees Celsius, making it a perfect spot to cool off during a hot afternoon. People enjoy tubing down the river. Clear water flows into the river from the springs around, making swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving also popular. The park offers many other activities.

Tubing on the river

The park is famous for water tubing in the warm weather throughout the year. This involves floating in an inner tube down the Ichetucknee River. Ichetucknee Park has two entrances – the south and the north entrance – which are open at different times of the year for tubing. Tubing on the north entrance is a summer-only activity that begins on the Friday before Memorial Day (end of May) and closes on the day after Labor Day (early September). Tubing on the south entrance is not a summer activity, being available from Memorial Day to Labor Day. It is a popular weekend getaway activity among students and personnel of the nearby University of Florida.

You can rent rafts and innertube from vendors in the park. At the end of the trip, you can hand them at designated areas at the “take out” point.

Other recreational activities at the park

There are several different great experiences that you can enjoy in this park besides tubing. They include:

Swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving. Equipment for snorkeling and diving is available for rental from vendors outside the park.

Picnicking. Picknick tables and grills set up at both the north and south entrances are available on a first-come-first-served basis. However, you can reserve covered picnic pavilions that are constructed at the South End.

Paddling. You can paddle on canoes and kayaks, as you enjoy the breath-taking views from the river. You have the opportunity to see wildlife (such as river otters and manatees), limestone banks, cypress trees, and some of the springs that flow into River Ichetucknee.

Birding. Being part of the Great Florida Birding Trail, Ichetucknee Springs State Park offers visitors an excellent opportunity to watch birds. If you are a bird enthusiast, you are likely to enjoy a variety of birds including northern bobwhite, American kestrel, water birds and many others. Bring a pair of binoculars for a better view.

Family Reunions. Ichetucknee Park is a perfect place for family reunions and gatherings. Those who wish to spend just a day at the park can rent one of the two pavilions at the South End. The large canopy at the South Take-out is also open to the public, but you cannot reserve it any time from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day.

Geo-seeking or Geocaching. This is an outdoor activity that involves using a Global Positioning System (GPS) device to find caches using location coordinates. Some caches are easy to find while others are way more difficult.